Since 2019, Ghapro and Pasop offer their services under one new name: Violett. Ghapro and Pasop still remain separate non-profit organisations.  We give you a brief overview of the history of both non-profit organisations. By joining forces, it is easier for sex workers to find their way to us. This way, sex workers also receive the same support wherever they work in Flanders.

We now also have one new website and a joint logo.

Ghapro and Pasop stay separate non-profit organisations. The new name does not mean we have merged.

Pasop vzw was founded in 1990 after a research project by Dr. Ruud Mak from the department social health at the university of Gent. The project studied HIV prevalence and risk behaviour with sex workers and assessed the need for specific support services. The organisation was set up in Gent and for a long time only offered support to sex workers in East and West Flanders.  In 2011, Pasop expanded to Limburg and a part of Flemish Brabant. Since then, there is also an office in Hasselt.

Ghapro vzw was founded in 2002 as an initiative of the Centre for Evaluation of Vaccinations (CEV) at the University of Antwerp (UA) under management of professor Dr. Pierre Van Damme. Its original mission was the sexual health of sex workers in the city and the province of Antwerp. After just a few years, Ghapro also received a social role with the support of the city of Antwerp.  Social support is still mainly offered to sex workers active in the city of Antwerp.  The name Ghapro stands for Gezondheidszorg en Hulpverlening Aan PROstitué(e)s (Healthcare and Support to PROstitutes). In 2011, Ghapro’s services expanded to a part of Flemish Brabant. 


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