Who are we?

Violett offers information, advice and support specifically for sex workers, and this in the whole of Flanders.  It is the new name for the services of Ghapro and Pasop, organisations you might already know.  We are there to answer all questions related to sex work. Our staff members know the industry. We work confidentially and discreetly.  It is possible to visit us in Antwerp, Gent and Hasselt.  We also visit sex workers in their workplace.  You can find more information about our services on our website. If we are unable to help you, we try to organise a suitable referral. To support sex workers in safe sex work, we also offer information and advice to clients and proprietors. 

When someone is concerned about a friend, son, daughter or parent being involved in prostitution, Violett can be a point of contact.  

We share our expertise about prostitution with organisations from the broad welfare and health sector. They can contact us for referrals, information, advice, training or consultation.

We play a preventive role with regards to policies and argue for more rights for sex workers.


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