Sex during pregnancy: sex after childbirth

You're a sex worker, and you're pregnant. You may well be wondering if sex is harmful to the baby. Do you have to stop working immediately or is it safe to continue? This page provides information and tips on sex during pregnancy.

Sex after childbirth

Na een bevalling zit je misschien met de vraag wanneer je terug seks kan hebben. Na de geboorte van je kind is je lichaam niet alleen erg gevoelig, er doen zich nog een aantal andere lichamelijke veranderingen voor. We raden je aan om met vaginale seks te wachten tot de baarmoederhals zich sluit, je geen bloed meer verliest en een eventuele knip of scheur genezen is. Dit duurt ongeveer drie tot zes weken. Ten tweede is het belangrijk om te wachten met seks tot jij hier zelf terug zin in hebt. Hier kan je de veranderingen terugvinden die jij misschien ondervindt of zal ondervinden. We geven ook enkele tips. 

Changes after childbirth

Painful vagina

The first few months after giving birth, the vagina is still very sensitive and may take a while to heal, especially if you have been cut or had an episiotomy (tearing).

Dry vagina

A hormone produced during breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness.

Breast tenderness

Breasts can feel more sensitive because of the milk production. The milk flow can also cause pain and you may have sore nipples as a result of fissures caused by the way the baby sucks.


Childbirth, a disrupted routine and the stress of parenthood can cause fatigue. When you're tired, you're less in the mood for sex.

Stretched vagina

Childbirth can stretch the vaginal wall and reduce vaginal sensation for both partners during sex.


  • Postpone having sex until you feel ready again.
  • If you do want to work, but vaginal sex is too painful, opt for alternative sex techniques: oral sex, masturbation, massage, role playing, ...
  • Use extra lubricant when your vagina is dry.
  • Exercise your pelvic floor muscles to tighten your vagina again and prevent urine loss. A physiotherapist can help you with this


For a few weeks after giving birth, you’ll lose some blood because the cervix is not completely shut off. You run a greater risk of a uterine infection if the cervix remains open because bacteria can travel up the vagina to the uterus. 


  • Do not use tampons or sponges.
  • Avoid vaginal sex. Try alternative sex techniques (oral sex, massage, role play, masturbation...).
  • Do not wash your vagina too frequently.
  • Avoid using soap to wash your vagina.
  • Never rinse internally, this increases the risk of infections.
  • Don't go swimming.
  • Do not take a bath or sitz-bath.
  • You can take a shower.

Do you have any further questions about sex after childbirth?

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