Sex during pregnancy: sex techniques

You're a sex worker, and you're pregnant. You may well be wondering if sex is harmful to the baby. Do you have to stop working immediately or is it safe to continue? This page provides information and tips on sex during pregnancy.

Sex techniques

Sex techniques

Vaginal sex (intimate, fucking)


Your belly and breasts grow bigger and you may have increased vaginal discharge.


  • Wash regularly with water, not with soap. Soap affects the acidity of your vagina and this can result in a bad vaginal smell and itching
  • Always use a condom to avoid STIs.
  • As your belly grows bigger, you will have to try other sex positions.
Anal sex (anal or Greek sex)


Some women suffer from haemorrhoids (piles) during pregnancy.


  • Avoid anal sex if you suffer from haemorrhoids.
  • Haemorrhoids bleed easily which increases the risk of catching STIs.
Oral sex (French)


During pregnancy, your gums can be more sensitive, fragile and bleed faster which increases the risk of getting an STI.


  • Take good care of your teeth.
  • Use a condom when giving a blow job.
  • Don't brush your teeth immediately before or after a blow job.
Cunnilingus (licking a vagina, eating pussy)


You have more vaginal discharge in pregnancy.

You are more prone to infections during your pregnancy. The bacteria present in your customer’s/partner’s mouth can cause an infection more quickly.


  • Use a dental dam or a condom cut in half. Hold the shield in front of your vagina. You can also use unperforated cling film.
  • If you want to wash, use water, not soap which may affect the PH-balance of your vagina.


During pregnancy you are more susceptible to vaginal infections. The bacteria on a customer’s /partner’s fingers will cause an infection more quickly.


  • Always have your customer wash his hands first.
  • Apply a plaster to a wound on your customer's fingers.
  • Use a water-based lubricant to relieve vaginal dryness.
  • Provide a finger condom if you want your client to use a condom.
Anal fingering


Haemorrhoids are more common in pregnancy. They bleed easily and can increase the risk of getting STIs.

During pregnancy you are more susceptible to vaginal infections. The anal bacteria cause an infection more quickly when they get into the vagina.


  • Make sure the person fingering you has short nails.
  • Use a finger condom in case of haemorrhoids.
  • Avoid fingering from anus to vagina and change the condom if you do to avoid possible STIs spreading and prevent intestinal parasites entering your vagina.
Rimming (licking an anus)


When you're the person doing the rimming, you run the risk of catching hepatitis A and B. Be extra careful.


  • Always use a condom cut in half or a dental dam. Hold this shield in front of the anus. You can also use unperforated cling film.
  • Avoid rimming in case of haemorrhoids.
Kissing (tongue kissing, French kissing)


Watch out for blisters, sores or crusts on and around your customer's mouth. These may be symptoms of herpes type I.

This type of herpes can be passed on and cause an infection even by a customer who licks your vagina.


  • Do not kiss and refuse a blow job when the customer has blisters, cold sores or crusts on or around his/her mouth.
Body-to-body massage


Your abdomen and breasts are getting bigger. This can be an asset when giving or receiving a massage because your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy.


  • Only get a massage from someone you trust.
  • Avoid a massage of the abdomen.
  • Use a condom when 'body-riding' or doing 'a breast orgasm (Russian style).
Threesome or group sex


No specific changes during pregnancy.


  • Use a new condom on every new partner.
  • Use a new condom every time you switch sex positions: from oral to vaginal or anal and vice versa.
  • Re-apply water-based lubricant if you change partner.
Extreme sex techniques

Choose the dominatrix rather than the submissive role to prevent physical overexertion.

You should choose top (active) and avoid bottom (passive).

Golden shower (pee sex)
A golden shower is not unsafe if the skin is intact. Avoid contact of urine with the mucous membranes of your eyes, mouth, nose, anus and vagina.

Poop sex
Faeces are full of bacteria, and sometimes contain viruses and parasites. When you swallow stool, you can get a hepatitis A infection, among other things. Do not swallow stool and wash your hands, genitals and anus carefully with soap before and after sex.

Catheterisation, bondage, piercing, shaving, needles and speculum
Are all possible if you are the one in charge of the action. Refuse a customer who want to perform these on you.

Do you have any further questions about sex techniques during pregnancy?

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