Drink and drugs

In places such as bars and clubs, clients and sex workers often drink alcohol together. Sometimes, a customer may ask a sex worker to use drugs with him/her and even be willing to pay extra for doing so. Although the offer may seem attractive, the use of substances can result in unsafe sex or offering services that you don’t offer when sober.

To keep working safely, make sure you are well-informed about the effects and risks involved in drug taking.

Types of drugs

Alcohol, heroine, GHB, GB, cannabis and ketamine.

These drugs have a calming, euphoric and relaxing effect, lower sexual inhibitions and relax the muscles.

XTC, MDMA, speed, cocaine, crystal meth.

These drugs are stimulants that increase alertness but also suppress your appetite and thirst and reduce your need for sleep.

For more information on drugs, please visit the DrugLijn 

Decide what you want and don’t want to do with a customer while you're still sober. Boundaries can fade when you are under the influence.

Some important tips to work safely:

  • Alcohol and drugs can make it more difficult to get (and keep) an erection. The risk of the condom breaking or slipping off is also greater.
  • In the interest of your own safety, refuse customers who have drunk too much alcohol and seem to get aggressive more quickly.
  • Not only agree on the type of sexual act but also on the duration. A person under the influence can have difficulty reaching an orgasm and may want a longer session. If the customer wants more, make him pay again.
  • Use your own tools (filters, syringes, stericups, snuff tubes or banknotes) to reduce the risk of HIV and/or hepatitis C transmission.
  • Sex on drugs often takes longer, is rougher and more aggressive. Certain drugs cause vaginal (or anal) dryness which increases the likelihood of a broken condom and small wounds and therefore, the possibility of catching an STI. Change condoms frequently and use a lot of lubricant.
  • Be careful when mixing drugs and medication. For example, the combination of an erection pill and poppers causes an acute drop in blood pressure. XTC in combination with erection pills can cause heart problems. Certain medications (HIV inhibitors, sleep medication and antidepressants) can strengthen or weaken the effects of alcohol and drugs. Discuss this with the doctor who prescribes the medication.
  • Most drugs suppress the appetite. Make sure you eat before working and using. Boost your energy level by getting enough sleep and eating healthy food after a long shift.

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