Hygiene: sex toy hygiene

Good hygiene is important for you and your clients. Here are some tips.

Sex toy hygiene

Bodily fluids can survive outside the body for a while. Below are some tips on how to keep sex toys clean:

  • Always put a condom on the sex toy.
  • Do not share sex toys. If you do, put a new condom over the toy.
  • Clean the sex toy thoroughly after every customer. Read the instruction leaflet of the toy.
  • First rinse the attributes with water, then wash them with soap.
  • Rinse and let dry.
  • Dip the sex toy into a disinfectant, especially when it has been used internally and shows traces of blood, faeces, urine, semen or vaginal fluid.
  • Some parts of a vibrator may not be completely waterproof and should therefore not be submerged in water.
  • Disinfect leather and metal objects with a cleaning product with an alcohol content of 70 %.
  • Immerse rubber objects and vibrators in a disinfectant solution, such as Dettol in water, for five minutes.

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