How and when to be tested for STDs?

When to be tested for STDs?

  • We recommend being tested for STDs at least once a year, even if you haven’t been particularly at risk.
  • If you have been at risk, due to a torn condom, unsafe sex, … make sure to be tested!
  • When a sex partner tells you he or she has an infection. 
  • When you have complaints. 
  • When you want to stop using a condom in a steady relationship. 

If you were at risk, we can test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea two weeks after the event. HIV and syphilis can only be tested six weeks after the event. 

How are the tests done?

Blood test

HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and possibly hepatitis C

Swab (vaginal, urethra, throat, anal)

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea

Urine sample

Chlamydia and gonorrhoea

Smear test

Cervical cancer

Physical examination

Scabies, herpes, pubic lice, genital warts 


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