Is it important to warn my partner or recent sex partners?

Warning partners

An STD is transmitted through unsafe sexual contacts.  Therefore, it is important to inform any recent partners you have had sex with without a condom.

How far back?

In case of chlamydia and gonorrhoea, the guidelines recommend warning the sex partners of the last month.  In case of LGV, syphilis, hepatitis C or HIV, discuss with your doctor or nurse how far back in time you should go to warn partners.  

It is recommended that they also get tested, even if they have no complaints. If they are infected, they will also need treatment, including your current partner.  This is important to prevent yourself from becoming infected again and your (sex) partner from infecting others. Your sex partner can get tested with the family doctor or an STD clinic. 

If you want to inform your sex partners anonymously, use partneralert


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