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This website only uses functional and analytical cookies.  These do not pass on information to social media or other sites.  The cookies enable the website to run smoother, for instance we remember which language setting you use to visit the website.  We also know which pages on are being read the most and the least.  Please visit our Cookie Policy if you would like to find out more.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are installed on your computer, smart phone or tablet when you visit a website.

The law differentiates between cookies that analyse the use of the website on the one hand and cookies that store personal data and pass them on to third parties on the other hand. Which cookies does Violett use and why? only uses cookies that store information regarding your use of the website.  These are functional and analytical cookies.  Violett does not collect personal data via cookies. We don’t work with tracking or advertising cookies;

  • Functional cookies

Functional cookies enable the website to be loaded more quickly onto your device so you can use it more smoothly. At the cookies remember what browser you use (e.g. chrome, explorer, …) as well as your language setting, so you don’t need to constantly reset this. These cookies are only used for this purpose.

  • Cookies to analyse the website

In order for us to improve the website, we want to know which pages are read the most, how long people stay on our site, which pages are not being read … Analytical cookies are used for this purpose. uses these cookies.

The analysis is done via Google Analytics. Google is not allowed to combine this information with other information about you.  Neither is Google allowed to pass this information on to others.  The cookies can only be used by Violett to research how visitors use the website (what they click on, how long they stay on a page, …). We can never receive information about a person through these cookies, we only receive figures about the use of

Functional cookies cannot be disabled, analytical cookies can. If you wish to do this, click here:

(tool on the website)

Which cookies does not use and why not?

  • Tracking Cookies, marketing cookies, social cookies

These cookies store information about you.  They also pass this information on to others, who build a profile of your online behaviour this way. This profile can be linked to your name, address, e-mail address, etc. It is through these cookies that adverts suddenly pop up on your Facebook or in your browser. Violett does not use these cookies, it is actually impossible to turn them on accidentally.

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