Therapy: I want to talk to someone

You don’t feel all that good about yourself, feel hopeless or react strongly to certain events. You're feeling down and can’t seem to pick yourself back up. There are times when you may need outside help to deal with certain situations. You can opt for therapy. A therapist is trained to help you manage your problems, formulate answers to important questions and better understand yourself.

“My friend and I broke up. The fact that I am a sex worker makes it all so complicated. I feel alone and stressed. Can I ever trust men again after everything that's happened?”

Sunnee, Thai massage parlour

What is therapy?

Talking to a therapist can help. A therapist is a professionally trained listener to whom you can tell your story and the difficulties you are facing. Together you go to the root of the problem in order to get a better understanding of what happened, how to deal with these challenges, and become more effective in your daily life.

There are different types of therapy. Not all therapists approach your problems in the same way. Some types of therapy may be better suited to your personality than others. We recommend that you assess what you need from a therapy session before you start. You will often find a lot of information on the therapist’s or practice’s website.

“A client treated me badly. Ever since I have had trouble sleeping and I keep waking up. I sometimes have panic attacks at work. I'm so scared that another client will also hurt me. I feel I am going to collapse very soon.”

Andrea, escort

Questions and problems to take to the therapist?

  • Problems you face in your work in prostitution
  • A bad experience you had with a client and that you're struggling with
  • Extreme stress or tension
  • Problems in the relationship with your partner or things that have gone wrong with your ex-partner
  • Living with a secret
  • Sitations you've experienced in the past and that you can't leave behind youSymptoms of depression
  • And many other issues.

If you want more information or are in doubt whether to visit a therapist, ask Violett for advice. Our counsellors will help you look for a solution.

I want to see a therapist

Violett's counsellors maintain good contacts with therapists who have helped other sex workers in the past. Because they have a good idea of the reality of sex work, you will probably find it easier to talk about your work.

Our staff can give you information, help you find out what to expect from a therapist and see who will best suit your needs. For example, some sex workers find it easier to confide in a female therapist, while others would rather talk to a man. The language is also an issue. Our staff takes all this into account when looking for a suitable therapist.

Once you've found such a care provider you can either contact him/her yourself or ask our staff to make an appointment.

A Violett counsellor can accompany you to your first appointment to make you feel more at ease. Some therapists come to Violett’s office for a first interview.

Therapy costs money. A session costs between 40€ and 70€ an hour. If this is too expensive for you, but you urgently need to talk to someone, our staff will look for a solution. Please discuss this with them.

“The first time I went to see a therapist, I wanted to be honest about my work, but she was visibly shocked. I didn't want to go there anymore. The second time I went to a therapist via Violett. I could talk to this therapist about my work and felt relieved.”

Jessica, private house

I am afraid to talk to a therapist

Going to see a therapist is a big step. Sometimes you feel the need to talk to a therapist, but something seems to hold you back:

  • fear of talking to a stranger about your worries
  • fear of talking about prostitution
  •  fear that the therapist won't understand you
  • shame about the things you've been through
  • shame about how you feel
  • finding it hard to ask for help
  • ….

Many people experience this fear when going to a therapist for the first time. You may feel this too. You can always talk about this with a counsellor. They can give you more information and possibly reassure you.

You decide whether you want to see a therapist.

You want more information?

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